ROMICO functions in detail



„You save a lot of time with the 1A client: Dial any number directly from the screen. No matter what format. No matter what application. All you have to do is use a defined hotkey. Any dialing functions in your applications can also be used. Of course you can also type in a number in the dial field of the 1A client.”

Contact database


„The dialing field is also a search field. By entering names, you can directly search all central contact databases or contacts within the application. You may start a wide range of functions from the search result: dialing, chat, email, SMS, status etc. In addition, alternative phone numbers and the place of origin of the respective entry are displayed.”

Speed dialing & presence

1A container

„The caller index is our container: Once they have been created, they can be subscribed by all team members. Our speed dial container: Create any number of speed dial keys, automatically from a search result or manually via menu. Speed dial buttons indicate your colleagues presence. Just start internal or external calls, chat, video conferencing or email with only one click.”


Everything at a glance

„The journal shows all telephone and mail results. Intelligent filter settings summarize your comminication traffic. Make callbacks via Journal, write emails and much more. Collaboration options, such as creating a call reminder for a colleague, are possible intuitively.”

Live chat

1A chat

„Use the 1A client for direct chats with your colleagues or for a conference chat. Security needs of chat communications are met: your chat data can be deleted every day as soon as the client is closed.”


„No additional installation: audio and video conferences work quickly, intuitively and at all levels. Switch and manage as you want: Switch between conversations, connect, expand or unite conferences and much more. The invitation is easy with 1A client and works via Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge.”


Integration and identification

„Integrate your CRM and ERP systems into 1A client. Via search function, all contacts, no matter where they are stored, can be found quickly: calls can be initiated and mails can be written directly. The caller is immediately identified for incoming calls. With regular, automated comparisons of the data sources, you are always up to date.”

Business hours announcement

Flexible announcements

„Your business hours announcement can be linked to the presence of your employees. Of course, your announcements are produced professionally. Activation and deactivation are automatic. All announcements relevant for the future can be produced in advance and are available to you at any time. You simply tell us about events such as public holidays, company meetings, business hours etc.”

Representation rule

Always accessible

„You can't take your calls right now? No problem. Just create a personal rule via call rerouting manager. Reroutings to colleagues or VoiceBox, with individual announcement messages - depending on weekdays, times, special callers or personal presence status. Prevent lost calls.”


Automatic query

„Query your customers concerns with IVR - Interactive Voice Response. It works automatically and specifically. Choose between one or more levels of your query. Your customer will be connected directly to the relevant department or to his last agent contact. If no agent is available, the waiting field is activated. With professional announcements you can keep the caller on the line and happy.”

Boss and assistant

Optimal support

„The classic example - improved by our call forwarding manager. Optimize your interplay between the executive set and the assistant set. We provide the rules you need adapted to your CallFlow. Different configurations between boss and assistant are conceivable with the 1A client: one boss with several assistants, several bosses with one assistant each.”

Voice box

Your deputy

„If you are currently unavailable, our VoiceBox will step to welcome your customers and business partners on behalf of you. Not only with standardized but also with personalized announcements. A distinction can also be made according to customers. Selected customers hear individual announcements. Up to you.”

Cross location networking

Real time

„No matter where you are located, we connect locations and simplify internal and external communication. Journal, chat, planner, call diversions, presence, contacts and more - teams working across locations use similar systems including real-time updates. This simplifies communication and makes working more effective. Across-location call distribution is possible as well.”


Auto Message Server

„Many calls at the same time? With Auto Message Server you quickly receive info messages: "You are calling because of problem XY? We work on it! Would you like feedback when the problem is solved? Please dial 1! If there is another problem, please dial 2! ". After successfully solving the problem, simply record another message: "The problem XY has been solved." The Auto Message Server automatically calls back all employees who requested feedback when the problem is solved.”

Traffic Analyzer

Analyze communication

„Analyze your communication. ROMICO enables analysis based on detailed criteria - connected to the events in your company. You define the analysis criteria: internal and external accessibility measured in certain periods, analysis of waiting areas, analysis of IVR and much more. Use the this knowledge to optimize your communication.”

Call Classify

Classify and evaluate

„Classify incoming calls: what is the cause of the call? When a call arrives, the client automatically asks for all the caller's existing data. If desired, there is an auto-pop-up when you take a call - individually designed for you and your needs. The technical data is imported automatically and can be evaluated easily.”


TeliMan Operator

„Operators often are the hub for visitors, callers and colleagues. Therefor you need a operator holding all the important features, extensive authorizations and graphic representation. The TeliMan Operator offers all of this. Variable in design, intuitive in operation. This is how you can optimize your operators and let them work more effectively.”

Home and mobile

Integrating all functions

„ROMICO offers convenient and intuitive integration of all functions - on the go or at home. You choose your method: Our mobile connection with TeliRemote delivers an one-number concept, integrated journal and of course all functions of the 1A client in our mobile application.”


Real time traffic analysis

„Visualize the results of the Traffic Analyzer. ROMICO wallboards are more than just statistics. All information at a glance in real time. Individual compilation per department, auto-pre-analyzing through live analysis. Make the data available to your employees - direct feedback on your current service.”


Flexible without a device

„Be flexible without additional end device with SIP softphone for the 1A client: All standard functions of the 1A client and the connection to the ROMICO server are possible. Since the VoIP router or the cloud telephone system are already prepared, they all have the same technical requirements. This makes installing new users easy as can be.”



„Optimize your coaching. TeliCoach is a simple listening function for selected users - regardless of location and of course in accordance with the works council: coaches send a request that has to be confirmed by users. The actual coaching then takes place via chat and/or screen sharing, by muting the coach.”


Without additional installation

„The web-based function of ROMICO 1A client - our platform-independent CTI solution. The WebClient offers all the essential functions of the 1A client: telephony functions, team functions, presence management, data integration and CC management on any computer.”

Desktop Sharing

Without additional installation

„Some issues are difficult to explain verbally, but are easy to show visually. This is exactly why our desktop sharing is helpful: Multi-Point Web RTC without necessary software installations. With Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge, or Safari, simply send and connect an invitation via a 1A client. This also makes joint project work easier.”


Call distribution

„A simple and efficient call distribution that is tailored to each team. Together we will discuss your CallFlow and design a perfect solution for you. You decide which factors influence your call distribution: business hours, presence status, breaks, dialed numbers or certain information from your customer data. This will improve your accessibility and your service.”



„All the important functions of the 1A client on your smartphone: SingleSignOn, real-time status display, cross-location team display, ACD-LogOn/LogOff, all telephone events in the journal, TeliRemote home office integration, Ident by DIS sources, personal call forwarding manager, reminders, boss-secretary function.”

Presence dependent

Integrated call flow

„Every employee controls their own presence on their 1A client. Team leaders can change presences across the board. Meetings in your company calendar are of course automatically inserted - the presence must be right. Calls are distributed to employees with presence status "free", those with longest breaks are served first.”

Skill based

Optimized call distribution

„Your call distribution will be optimized if we take the skills of your employees into account. Perhaps you have different numbers, are divided into regions, customer groups, etc. Increase your efficiency by specializing your employees in certain areas. You will get the right call flow from us.”

Priority by status

Extended rules

„Distribution organized by employees presence, for instance: You have planned training and coaching. At the same time, however, more calls are being received than expected. Employees with status "Training" and/or "Coaching" will be included in the distribution if no other agent is available. Define your relevant status texts as required, we integrate them into your rules.”

Based on customer data

Automatic identification

„By taking into account your customers data your distribution is optimized: When identifying the caller, other key attributes are automatically found. For example customer categories: Identify VIP customers and froward them to the responsible employee. Distinguish new customers from existing customers. You determine which data is accessible and together we'll create your appropriate call flow.”


Consistent surface

„We integrated all tools within a consistent user interface. The 1A client makes it easy for your employees to collaborate with all the functions that the 1A client has to offer, for example: involvement of experts, coaches, supervisors, team leaders via chat, screen and application sharing, listening, inquiries, conferences, live coaching during interviews and much more”

Waiting queue


„Improving accessibility and customer satisfaction by designing clever waiting areas: Tailor-made dynamic waiting fields with TeliWait adapt to current customer service situations. The number of places on hold varies depending on the number of registered agents and/or the average call duration. The customer with the longest waiting time is assigned to the next free employee. Ideal for highly fluctuating call volumes.”


Proven or individual

„Your announcements represent your company if you cannot be reached personally. Once produced, they often run for years. We offer perfect announcements, professionally texted and produced. We have countless proven announcement texts. Together we will find the right wording, voice and music - including your IVR: Reducing cancellations and optimizing controlled call flows.”


Real time

„Q-Bar dashboard within 1A client is our real-time monitoring. It shows you the most important events in your waiting area: The number of callers and the maximum and average length of staying in the queue. Always current plus showing the trend of your last planning period. Therefor, each caller is optionally displayed on hold. For quick mediation or pick-up.”

Last Agent Routing

Classic or individual

„ROMICO redefines LAR with a personalized IVR. Your customers will be asked whether they want to wait for their contact person or speak to another employee. This is how you offer your customers familiar customer service contacts. Of course, with ROMICO you also have the option of using the classic LAR.”

Conversation recording


„Start and end recordings during conversations by pushing a button. Dialog partners are informed of the start and end of recordings automatically. Afterwards you can then listen to the call recording, send it, play it back or save it during the call. TeliNotar® is available as a permanently integrated solution or as a switchable function.”

Customer survey


„Measure your customer satisfaction easily and quickly with TeliSurvey. Surveys without delay, right after the call and automatically: consent request option, individual survey menu, measurement in school grades or Net Promotor Score (NPS). Tailored to events in your company.”



„1A client offers you a plug-in that makes your call status clearly visible to everyone via a small lamp. Red shows you are currently in a call, yellow signals incoming calls or TeliView invitations, green light shows currently available colleagues.”

One Click

User friendly

„Remind, schedule and support: Only one click to inform colleagues about appointments, emails or call backs. Date, time, caller and telephone number are saved automatically. You can also call back with just one click.”



„The 1A client is suitable for every industry and every company size: It is flexible and can be designed individually. Of course, multilingual menu navigation shouldn't be missing.”

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