CTI was born

In 1992, we received a ISDN connection for our Telekom phone. We plugged it into our PC and tried to dial a number through the computer. It worked! One click to dial. Our software was also able to show us the number of the incoming caller. CTI was born, 121 years after Philipp Reis invented the telephone in Friedrichsdorf.

ROMICO work ethic

Life time is work time is life time. A fair and open team spirit is what we stand for. We make an effort to practice this on a daily basis. That’s why we enjoy coming to work. Good communication is not only our business but also our motto. Providing a stable technical foundation is just as important as keeping friendly personal communication up in the team.

Managing directors

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Wolfgang Romberg

Co-founder, partner and managing director

married, three children

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Thomas Mikusinski

Co-founder, partner and managing director

married, two children 

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Tanja Romberg

Co-founder, head of administration

married, three children

Company History - 30 years of experience

No false modesty – we invented CTI! Many years of experience and constant innovations, we look back on over 30 years of software development on the telecommunications market. We have been TC pioneers since 1987!


Foundation of WOROCOM GbR


Invention of CTI: foundation of TRIUS GmbH, Wolfgang Romberg and partners


TeliMan 1.0


Foundation of ROMICO GmbH


Data integration server / traffic analyzer


BCI-Server / QACD






1A-Release: 1A-Client, 1A-Server, 1A-CCU


TeliNotar 2.0 / Fudicia certification


Integration Skype for Business, Salesforce, AMD


Integration Microsoft Teams

Our customers

We have clients from all industry sectors, be it successful niche providers or big market players, local or international. You name it!

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